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Independence Day: Almost Done

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Two quotes this evening, pals. I’ve almost completed Independence Day (slow reader) and after that, it’s Lay of the Land time:

“I don’t think I’ve miscalculated you, Frank,” Irv says. He is the stalwart project leader over in the yaw-pitch-and-roll lab now: always flying even if the rest of us aren’t. Though I’ve been him (more than once) and won’t be caught again. Irv is entering his own Existence Period, complete with all the good and not-so-good trimmings, just as it seems I’m exiting it in a pitch-and-tumble mode. We have passed in daylight; we have interfaced, given each other good and earnest feedback. But ours is not life coterminous, though I like him fine.

Independence Day, Richard Ford (392)

I read the above under unfavorable circumstances. More on those tomorrow.

“What’s your son learning to survive?” I say, trying not to think about the Ohioans right above us. Char and I are descending back through the stages of familiarity and in a minute will once again be unknown to each other.

Independence Day, Richard Ford (325)

Prescient, though isn’t the “back” in “descending back” redundant?

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February 15, 2007 at 11:32 pm

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