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Wazzup with the guy above me? The guy in the apt. above mine, I mean, not Gawd. The semi-old, semi-retired guy who engages every other resident in long conversation in the parking lot from whom it’s a trial to escape. He’s nice, and his stories are interesting if neverending, but I have a life to live, you understand? It’s sounded, for the past hour, like he’s moving furniture. He’s right above this room here, endlessly moving one table/chair to another place, apparently by dragging each furn. across the floor, lifting then dropping it. BOOM. It’s driving me insane. [Suddenly, as though he’d intercepted this blog post, he stopped his moving, so blogging does have some metaphysical influence on the world. Hooray!]

Every Minnesotan’s a hermit this weekend, as we’re expecting a blizzard at the tail-end of a mostly snow-free winter. I went to the supermarket last night, to store up on supplies (water, Cadbury eggs), and the store was more packed than I’d ever seen it. Apparently, everyone was expecting snow build-up so high—like the top of your front door high—that they’d be unable to leave the house. From this POV, however, the so-called blizzard looks wimpy so far, though in Rochester—where my parents live—they’re all snowed in. Here in my hermitage, every errant, annoying sound makes me crazier. The furniture-moving, for example, and last night the bass heavy music from next door. Can’t we band together and pledge not to annoy each other, if only until this weekend ends? [The moving’s begun again.]

Written by patiomensch

February 24, 2007 at 12:19 pm

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