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Best Moments From Last Summer

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This is a blog entry I wrote last summer—8/20/06—but didn’t post. I like it.

I have sixteen minutes to write this entry. I’m writing with the taste of vomit at the back of my throat before my laptop’s battery runs out. To retrieve its charger, I must go downstairs in the dark and push past chairs and a couch. Pizza chicken was my vomit’s contents. It came out into a sink after I, having watched V for Vendetta on a couch in the barn with cousins, walked across gravel from the barn to the big house in the dark. I’m certain I’ll have to go down again. I can feel it in my stomach. The unease.

Today I went sailing. Jeff took me out on the catamaran and after struggling I managed to hook into the boat’s side and trapeze hands-free, with only a bungie cord for support, as we sailed around Whitefish. I let myself hang off the boat and my hands drag in the water.

Here is a compilation of the best moments of this summer:

(1) Trapezing on the catamaran.
(2) Flipping my kayak over halfway out and dragging it in.
(3) Biking from home to the cathedral nearly every night for the first month of summer.
(4) Playing Paper-Rock-Scissors with J. on Thursday afternoon.
(5) Walking behind a felon with a walkie talkie in my hand as he went for the door.
(6) Various midnight movies at Riverview and the MOA.
(7) Going to Valleyfair with E. and riding 23 rides in five hours.
(8) … I will think of this later.

What most characterized this summer were my 7am mornings and bus rides to work. Every summer is a different beast, it seems. Last one was the summer of C.’s putridity and inebriation, of freelance writing and mobility. In this summer I feel myself going farther into myself. Receding and yet, at the same time, living on the surface of myself. I want to do everything. I want to jump from a plane. I want to learn how to play tennis from a pro and pay attention this time. I want to box with George, who at one time sparred with Muhammad Ali. I want everything. I want the world. Now I’m going to vomit some more.

They it is.

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May 21, 2007 at 12:21 pm

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