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My last day on the job was last Monday, and since then, a week ago today, I’ve gone a bit—how you say—insane. During day hours especially, I can’t handle free time. Feeling as though I should be somewhere, having nowhere to go, forced to find myself diversion after diversion, forced to realize that I’m diverting myself till what? Till sleep? (I know what you’re thinking: ‘Poor you, not having to work every day. I’d love to have that problem.’ I know, I know.) I have nevertheless managed.

I saw one author reading (Irvine Welsh), I saw three movies, one at Roseville (28 Weeks Later), two at home (Deliver Us From Evil, Seraphim Falls), I guest-blogged at Return of the Reluctant, I attended two lacrosse games, one in a Porsche, I sat on the beach and got lost on my bike and ran over a snake at the park, I went to my cousin’s graduation party and missed a BBQ (sorry about that, Stacie), I went to the mall with my mother, grandmother and sister and bought one book (Falling Man, by Don DeLillo). At 1am last night, I biked down Summit with Emily and finally felt a sort of peace. It took a week of adjustment but I can live w/o a job.

Check out the social calendar this week. Tonight, I’m hanging out with C. Tomorrow, I’m trekking to Foundry Pub with M. Wednesday’s the monthly adventure with Lou. I want to test drive Lamborghinis, or maybe see a Twins/Saints game. Thursday morning, I’m out to KFAI, and I’ll probably visit the bookstore afterward. Friday, I’m departing Las Ciudades for Rochester, as Aubs’ graduation party is on Sunday. During the day I’ll be performing much-desired manual labor for Terry—o, to be outside earning money, in the rain especially. This is the work in my mind’s eye I quit Coffman for. I couldn’t spend another summer in that basement.

Meanwhile I’m listening to Spoon and The Chemical Brothers.

Written by patiomensch

May 21, 2007 at 8:35 am

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