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Lately, M. and I are obsessed with SMASH TV, an almost twenty-year-old arcade game. You play one of two laser-toting warriors, battling in 1999—the distant future—on a game show called SMASH TV. Before a huge audience, millions watching in studio and at home, you’re tossed into tiny rooms against an onslaught of bat-wielding zombies—M. calls them ‘Jasons,’ I prefer zombies—whose attempts to pulverize you seem for naught when you vaporize them. A single shot from your laser transforms Zombie Jasons into a cloud of blood. Hundreds come at you at once, and are replaced as you advance by robots, and buffaloes with exposed brains, and huge bosses who spin around and spit blood. M. and I say, “This is so satisfying,” every time we play. Napalming a crowd of zombie Jasons is beautiful.

Written by patiomensch

May 25, 2007 at 10:36 am

Posted in Videogames

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