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I haven’t posted in awhile, but the crux of my life lately is biking. In August, I bought a Surly Steamroller—my first potential fixie, but I flip-flopped it to a single-speed because I can’t give up coasting—and gained a new addiction: commuting by bike. My route is 8.5 miles each way, from the Macalester/Groveland area of St. Paul to OLSON on Loring Park, at the edge of downtown Minneapolis. Naturally, this led to winter-biking. I’ve joined that crew of Minnesotan crazies who, occasionally, you see on the roads in winter, layered the hell up. “Winter viking” is the name my friend Zach and I have given this endeavor, and because I’ve made it to January 2010, I don’t plan to stop anytime soon. Spring, here we come.

Last night, during a four-hour bike ride in -4º weather—while navigating my studded-tire Surly over ice-bumpy sidewalks—I passed another cyclist, and waved to him. “HOW YA DOIN!” he said. “GREAT!” “DON’T YOU LOVE IT?” “YEAH!!!” He laughed. I do love it. I’ll post on my gear, decided upon after much trial and error, soon.


Written by patiomensch

December 30, 2009 at 10:57 pm

Posted in Biking

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