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Hello, I’m Patrick Stephenson, patioman AT Nice to meetcha.

Minnesota-born on Saint Patrick’s Day 1983 to a pair of Mayo Clinic medicos, I grew up in Saudi Arabia (the Kingdom of) during the reign of Fahd bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, whom Abdul Aziz Al Saud succeeded in 2005. We drove cars; camels ridden but once. In 1998, wif a head fantasy-filled ’bout the U.S., I returned to MN. In 2001, I graduated from Rochester, MN’s Lourdes High School, & then in 2006 with a BA in English, from the University of Minnesota. (There, I learned under such amazing [and I do mean amazing, the sort that’d change your life] profs as Edward Griffin and John Watkins, not to mention Garrison Keillor—I call him Gar.)

This past summer (being June to September 2007) I interned at Minnesota’s prestigious Graywolf Press, publishers of John D’Agata, Percival Everett, Ander Monson, Benjamin Percy, Jane Kenyon, Tony Hoagland, Matthea Harvey, Tracy K. Smith, Charles Baxter… this could go on and on. Graywolf’s list is incredible and incredibly diverse. While interning, I read and evaluated manuscripts from the slush pile, i.e. unsolicited material from unknown authors, and aiming to community build, I developed ‘Graywolf Press’ profiles on Twitter and Facebook, befriended nearly 500 people on the latter and gained some attention from Publisher’s Weekly for a virtual book release of Percival Everett’s The Water Cure.

Having graduated Graywolf Press, I’m freelancing as a writer-editor in Saint Paul, MN, five minutes away from the one time rowhouse of F. Scott Fitzgerald. Currently, I’m editing for Witness a Miracle (Your Own!) author and Quiet Miracles founder Sid Levinsohn. Want me? I’m multi-stalkable. You can (1) befriend me on Facebook, (2) track me on Twitter, (3) browse my book collection on LibraryThing, (4) mooch lit from me on Bookmooch and (5) follow my music-listening on I’m auburn-haired and hazel-eyed. My favorite authors are John Updike, Jonathan Ames, David Foster Wallace, Richard Ford and Roald Dahl. My favorite bands are Broken Social Scene, The Beatles and LCD Soundsystem. I’m liberal, pacifistic and atheistic.

But Why The Site, Buster?

Obvs, (a) self-promotion—I’m awesome and I deserve some attention, plus (b) self-expression—I want somewheres to chart my inexorable and somewhat depressing ascent into adulthood, the angst and the suffering, and (c) self-absorption—a quality I share with many in my generation, and many in yours (a necessary distinction unless yours is mine: Y). If I could think up any other ‘self-‘ words I would add them, but I cannot. That’s for the best, I bet.

Because of those self-related reasons, is divided into four sections apart from this ever expanding introduction. The first is ‘Journal,’ my blog, whose topics’ll include whatever I’m reading/watching/listening to or enduring/enjoying. The second is ‘About,’ a living résumé of my employment history rather than a dull list. The third is ‘Further,’ samples of my writing and editing. The fourth is ‘Links,’ my favorite sites. Pretty simple, huh? Yep, so that’s it.

Thanks for your attention.



Patrick Stephenson, to whom
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January 29, 2007 at 10:43 pm

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  1. I’m totally into that sort of thing!


    September 7, 2007 at 8:32 pm

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