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“Witness A Miracle” Pitch

NOTE: This is promotional copy I edited and rewrote for Sid Levinsohn, R.Ph. [September 2007]

CANCER. HEART DISEASE. HYPERTENSION. STROKE. These diagnoses strike fear in the hearts of those who receive them, as does a family history of chronic illness. There is an end to this fear. Readers of my new book, Witness a Miracle (Your Own!), will be intrigued and inspired by the way it merges science, medicine and spirituality into a distinctly new back-to-wellness force that will alter their lives permanently.

Attached to this letter is an advance copy of Witness a Miracle (Your Own!) for your company to review. It is an extension of the award-winning Quiet Miracles workshops (see postscript) I’ve conducted for the past twelve years for those suffering from chronic or life-threatening conditions. It demonstrates how some patients, given only a brief time to live, remarkably returned to a healthy state despite a grim diagnosis. Witness a Miracle (Your Own!) cracks the long-term cancer survivors’ success code by describing how to deal practically, on a daily basis, with a chronic illness in oneself or in a family member.

In 1995, when I was diagnosed with a form of cancer called Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, I could not have foreseen the incredibly positive impact it would have on my life (see recent Star Tribune article enclosed). Like many so diagnosed, I was at first beset by fear. But I refused to succumb to that fear, and chose instead to discover how I would survive. A pharmacist by training with a background in hypnosis and biofeedback, I spent over 30 months researching Exceptional Recovery Studies worldwide and interviewing long-term cancer survivors who, despite receiving death sentences from the scientific community, continued to live. Enlightened by my research, I wanted to spread their message to others. I attribute my survival today to the life-altering techniques I learned from these valiant long-term cancer survivors. In addition, I credit quantum physics and ancient spiritual texts. Combined, these forces—explicated in Witness a Miracle (Your Own!)—uncover the essential elements of making a remarkable recovery.

Written in plain English and backed by modern science, Witness a Miracle (Your Own!) is about kicking off old self-destructive beliefs and expectations you accept as “facts of life” and never question. According to quantum physics, perception creates reality. That is, The focused thoughts and beliefs of an observer actually form physical events. Your core beliefs, those to which you’ve subscribed your entire life, impose limits on your achievement. What you emotionally believe, you physically become. Therefore, beliefs that create hopelessness are biologically destructive, while beliefs that sustain our hope sustain us. This idea, that quantum energy (created and made aware by private thoughts) becomes public experience, is highly challenging to the guardians of conventional doctrine.

One of the cornerstones of Witness a Miracle (Your Own!) is recognizing that, as individualized portions of Universal or Divine Consciousness (sustaining Source energy), we are Conscious Co-Creators with the inherent operating processes essential to mentally create, from a field of limitless possibilities, the exterior events we want to experience. Unless you want more of the same events to enter your life, this mandates active participation, repetitive practice, positive intention and extreme belief makeovers, the result of which is the best inoculation available against a state of amplifying pessimism. As subtle as a sledgehammer, the book’s title tells potential readers that new science is suggesting that on a quantum level, your thoughts, beliefs, expectations and feelings form matching life experiences.

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.


Sid Levinsohn

P.S. I am available to highlight the messages of Quiet Miracles in a one hour or workshop presentation. These messages are a universal affirmation of life that will be a valuable addition to your next meeting.


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