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I began writing freelance at age 19, and my first professional publishing credit was Rochester Magazine, edited by Steve Lange, for which I wrote a monthly column about conventions, took the Mensa test, spent an hour in an isolation tank, and learned to unicycle, and clog, and voice-act. I also profiled several Minnesotan businesses, including U-Brew, Jimmy Jam’s Comics & Games, and Allen Christian’s art gallery The House of Balls. I wrote travelogues to Austin, MN (“Spam-Town USA”) and Kasson-Mantorville, MN. I wrote a Single in the City profile of Whiskey Prophet singer Nick Meilander, plus about ‘for rent’ fiberglass animals, and “The Longest Stoplights in Town,” and Sin`Gee’ the Magician, and the time traveler John Titor.

Meanwhile, I designed and edited the Features section of The Echo, my school’s paper—for which I also wrote and took photos. Writing-wise, my specialty was the long feature. Plus, I wrote editorials opposing (1) the war, (2) army recruiters, (3) the religious right, (4) pretentious professors and pedants. I wrote an editorial in support of strip clubs. Double plus, I contributed a monthly arts (mostly movies) review column called Systemic Reaction. Et, I profiled Chuck Palahniuk, reviewed Michel Houellebecq, and answered questions for a regular advice column.

The Echo staff was small and some nights, we worked till 2 or 3am, half dead by the time we drove home. There were office dramas and love affairs. There was in-fighting. ‘Clusterfuck’ was frequently uttered, but abhorred by Y.T. [1]. We hardly ever met deadline, though we tried. It was all excellent. Through The Echo, I tripped to New York City in March 2003—as the war on Iraq began—and Dallas, TX in November 2003. In addition, I attended two journalism conferences in Minneapolis, MN. These were formative experiences, and I am thankful for them.

By the summer of 2004—aged now to an alcohol apathetic 21 yrs—I was writing weekly humor and arts columns for the Rochester Post-Bulletin and contributing an occasional section cover story. My columns fell under two headings: Obscurant, another arts review column, devoted this time to the especially obscure and esoteric; Temperamental Rift, a mock rant column whose title I disliked but had no influence over. [unfinished]


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October 8, 2007 at 3:45 pm

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